Regular turnaround in the Slovnaft Refinery in the coming weeks

  • extensive inspection of the technical condition and maintenance have been planned in advance, they are not connected with current problems with crude oil supplies
  • the maintenance will take about two months
  • within the framework of the spring general reviews and technological breaks, Slovnaft is investing more than €67 million in its facilities

BRATISLAVA, 26 April 2019 – At the end of this week, Slovnaft will shut down some of its production facilities. The reason for this is the regular general maintenance and technological breaks that ensure the smooth operation of the technology. Together 21 production units will be shut down gradually. Their relaunch into full production is scheduled for the second half of June.

During the turnaround, there will be an extensive inspection of the technical condition and maintenance of the facilities, as well as their modernization. The goal is to reduce the energy intensity of oil products and increase safety and reliability. The total investment of Slovnaft in the framework of general reviews exceeds €67 million. In terms of costs, historically these are the biggest shutdowns in the Bratislava refinery.

Work during the general reviews may be accompanied by increased noise levels, odour and eventual burning on gas flares. The aim of Slovnaft is to reduce the negative impacts of activities reducing the comfort of the residents living near the refinery to the minimum necessary. Slovnaft will continuously report on the impact of the work on the comfort of the residents on the website Information for the public will be updated every week, the 24-hour infoline on 02/4055 8929  or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. are available for questions.

The main supplier is the subsidiary Slovnaft Montáže a Opravy. During the turnaround, there will be around 1500 external employees working in Slovnaft.

Slovnaft customers were informed in advance about the turnaround of  part of the Bratislava refinery.

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