Delisting of Slovnaft shares from the Bratislava Stock Exchange

  • Slovnaft shares will be no longer traded at the Bratislava Stock Exchange
  • Slovnaft becomes private joint stock company

Bratislava, 23 December 2019 – MOL Plc., as a sole shareholder of the SLOVNAFT, a.s., has completed the squeeze-out process, therefore trading of Slovnaft shares on the regulated securities market on the Bratislava Stock Exchange will be terminated.

Based on the decision of the sole shareholder, SLOVNAFT, a.s, has asked the Bratislava Stock Exchange to terminate the stock trading of all the emissions of company’s shares listed under all the corresponding ISIN identifiers that were adopted for trade on this regulated market.

Following this decision, after the end of the so-called delisting process, planned to be completed on the last trading day on 23 December 2019, Slovnaft will become a private joint stock company.

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