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2019-12-23 Delisting of Slovnaft shares from the Bratislava Stock Exchange

  • Slovnaft shares will be no longer traded at the Bratislava Stock Exchange
  • Slovnaft becomes private joint stock company

Bratislava, 23 December 2019 – MOL Plc., as a sole shareholder of the SLOVNAFT, a.s., has completed the squeeze-out process, therefore trading of Slovnaft shares on the regulated securities market on the Bratislava Stock Exchange will be terminated.

Based on the decision of the sole shareholder, SLOVNAFT, a.s, has asked the Bratislava Stock Exchange to terminate the stock trading of all the emissions of company’s shares listed under all the corresponding ISIN identifiers that were adopted for trade on this regulated market.

Following this decision, after the end of the so-called delisting process, planned to be completed on the last trading day on 23 December 2019, Slovnaft will become a private joint stock company.


MOL Nyrt. October Huszonharmadika u. 18, H-1117 Budapest, Hungary, registration number: 01-10-041683 will by the means of the authorised entity pay the payment of remuneration for the minority shareholders´ shares of SLOVNAFT, a.s., Vlčie hrdlo 1, Bratislava 824 12, Slovak Republic, Company registration number: 31 322 832, registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Bratislava I, section: Sa, file no. 426 / B (hereinafter also referred to as SLOVNAFT, a.s.), which were transferred onto MOL Nyrt. in line with the provisions of §118i of Act No. 566/2001 Z.z. on Securities and Investment Services, as amended  between 19 and 21 December 2019.

Payment of remuneration within the statutory period follows the transfer of shares from minority shareholders to MOL Nyrt., which took place on 18 December 2019.

The payment on behalf of MOL Nyrt. will be realized by OTP Banka Slovensko, a.s. (Štúrova 5, Bratislava 813 54, IČO: 31 318 916). The remuneration is € 85 per share.

The method of payment depends on whether the shareholder has applied for payment to the account or will wait for the postal order delivery, the payment due date starts on 23 December 2019.

2019-12-19 Slovnaft´s petrochemical production is back in operation after turnarounds

the petrochemical part of the Slovnaft refinery operates again after the autumn turnarounds

  • almost EUR 38 million were invested in maintenance and modernization at three production units
  • a project of NOx emissions reduction was also included

BRATISLAVA, December 19, 2019 - The petrochemical part of Slovnaft refinery is in standard operation again after the autumn turnarounds. Investment in the maintenance and modernization of three production units reached almost EUR 38 million. NOx emissions reduction project was also a part of the work.

Turnarounds – an extensive maintenance and modernization of facilities –  are carried out regularly in Slovnaft. These works cannot be performed during standard operation of the production units. Altogether they contribute to a more efficient, reliable and safe refinery operation.

In 2019 the Slovnaft refinery carried out the largest turnarounds in history. They were divided into two phases. In the first half-year, 21 refinery production units were shut down followed by three petrochemical production units in the autumn. Approximately EUR 113 million were invested in 2019 turnarounds in total.

2019-11-29 Slovnaft is the Most Trusted Brand 2019 in the Gas Station category in Slovakia

Slovnaft is the most trusted brand in the petrol station segment. The company has won this award for the third time in a row in a national survey, where consumers evaluate which brands they trust the most.

In the 4th year of one of the largest surveys focused on consumer´s trust, a representative sample of 2,000 Slovak respondents selected the strongest brands in each category. The category of petrol stations was included in the ranking for the third time and Slovnaft won again. Ján Predanocy, Manager of Retail Sales and Operation of Slovnaft Service Stations, received the prestigious award at the gala evening.

Slovnaft operates the largest network of 253 petrol stations on the Slovak market and the company is constantly working on the its development. The modern Fresh Corner concept is already a part of 213 petrol stations. In this largest café network in Slovakia, Slovnaft sells more than eight million cups of coffee per year.

Since 2015, Slovnaft has invested EUR 90 million in the modernization of its petrol station network, more than half of the money was spent on Fresh Corner. Thanks to that, Slovnaft is not only the largest network of petrol stations in Slovakia, but also a number one in the field of refreshments on the road. The company also thinks about sustainability – they do not use straws at their stations and has eco-friendly LED bulbs in stations´ exteriors.

2019-11-29 Slovnaft joined the Diversity Charter

The company is commiting to be an example, to respect and appreciate diversity and to protect its employees from discrimination without compromise.

The Slovnaft Group has signed up to the Diversity Charter, which integrates the principles of diversity and inclusive approach into business strategy and decision-making processes at all level of corporate governance.

Respecting diversity means creating a space for mutual respect, trust and for building relationships not only with employees, but also with suppliers, shareholders, business partners and clients of the company.

“Diversity in Slovnaft is not just a simple sexes differentiation for us. Our company's strategy in the diversity area stands on four pillars – gender and age diversity, varied benefit system and cooperation with disadvantaged people,” says Gabriel Szabó, CEO of the company. “Apart from that, diversity of ideas is also important for us. Now, in the time where we have to step out of stereotypes, our comfort zone, this is the area that is taking the business forward. ”

The Slovnaft GROUP supports diversity in the company on a long-term basis – the company actively supports seniors – former employees of Slovnaft associated in the retirement club in their sport and cultural activities. Another example of diversity are five language versions – Slovak, English, Hungarian, Polish and Roma – of information leaflets used during this year's turnarounds. As a member of the MOL Group, Slovnaft also participates in the FEMP scholarship program (Female Engineering MOL Program), which aims to bring diversity into the oil business, which is traditionally dominated by men.

The Diversity Charter is a voluntary initiative supported by the European Commission together with the European Platform for Diversity Charter, which promotes the propagation and sharing of principles, good practice and experience on the subject of diversity management in the European Union countries.

2019-11-04 How to proceed with share trasfer to MOL Nyrt.

How to proceed with share trasfer to MOL Nyrt.

2019-10-28 Information for shareholders

Information on suspension of trading: Majority shareholder, company MOL Nyrt., which has exercised the right of squeeze-out pursuant to § 118i of the Act on securities and investment services has also in line with this Act requested the Central Depository of Securities of the Slovak Republic for suspension of trading with shares of SLOVNAFT, a.s. The Central Depository of Securities has accepted the request of the shareholder and this suspension of trading of all emisions of shares is in effect as of 25.10.2019. In case of any questions, please contact

2019-10-24 Fresh Corners already at 200 Slovnaft service stations, they sell more than eight million coffees per year

  • the largest cafe network Fresh Corner is already at 200 Slovnaft service stations
  • over 8 million cups of coffee are sold at Fresh Corner stores every year
  • large coffee with milk and traditional espresso are the customers´ favorites

Bratislava, 22 October 2019 - Fresh Corner, the largest cafe network in Slovakia, is already a part of 200 Slovnaft service stations. Fresh Corners sell more than eight million cups of coffee per year, the favourites for their customers are large coffee with milk and traditional espresso. Until the end of this year, another two dozen of Fresh Corner stores will be added at Slovnaft service stations.

Fresh Corner brand is a part of Slovnaft service stations since July 2015, when the first stores were opened in Záhorská Bystrica, Lučenec and Vyšný Kubín. Since then the amount of the cafes gradually increased and today the customers can visit Fresh Corner cafe at almost every (80%) service station of Slovnaft network.

“Since 2015, we have invested EUR 90 million in the modernization and rebuilding of our service stations network, more than half of it were expenses on Fresh Corner. As a result, today we are not only the largest service stations network in Slovakia, but also a number one regarding to refreshments on the road,” says Slovnaft CEO Gabriel Szabó.

More than 8 million cups of coffee are sold at Fresh Corner stores per year. Usually, the large coffee with milk or traditional espresso are the first choices for our customers – together nearly 2.5 million cups of them are sold. The key ingredient in coffee making is the coffee bean.

“At Fresh Corner, our coffee is 70 percent arabica and 30 percent robusta. This blend was tasted by the first class baristas and customers before its launching. They chose from 40 different mixtures,” says the head of Slovnaft Retail Timea Reicher. Thanks to its balanced proportion of the blends, Fresh Corner coffee is tailored to the Italian type of roasting and suitable not only for the preparation of an Italian espresso, but also cappuccino or latte.

When selling the coffee, having always fresh, prepared from carefully selected coffee beans delicious and balanced taste of your coffee are the most important features. Therefore, within the Fresh Corner stores, the coffee is prepared from low-mineral water, always from the same milk and coffee beans. Customers can enjoy the coffee made by barista or they can prepare it themselves – on Franke self-service machines. They can choose from 19 types of coffee in three different sizes.

Fresh Corner stores also offer baked sweet and savory pastries and fast food. Fresh vegetable, fruit salads or smoothies are also available at selected service stations. Since 2017, this gastro concept includes the Fresh Corner Restaurant.

Slovnaft among the most valuable Slovak brands. In a Profesia survey, Slovnaft was the winner in the Production and Industry category, awarded the title of the Most Attractive Employer for 2017 and 2018. The SLOVNAFT Group is a member of the international MOL Group.

2019-10-10 The sole shareholder of Slovnaft will be MOL, the extraordinary general meeting of the company decided

  • The Extraordinary General Assembly of Slovnaft approved today the transfer of shares of minority shareholders to MOL Nyrt.
  • MOL will pay EUR 85 to minority shareholders for each share following the share transfer

Bratislava, 10th October 2019 –The Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders of SLOVNAFT, a.s., approved today the transfer of shares held by minority shareholders to MOL Nyrt. The sole shareholder of the Bratislava refinery and the largest fuel retailer in Slovakia will be the international oil and gas MOL Group, which has so far controlled Slovnaft's 98.72% share.

MOL announced its intention to increase its share in Slovnaft in April and subsequently offered shareholders an option of selling their shares as part of a voluntary buyout offer. The aim was to simplify and rationalize the ownership structure of the Slovnaft. In August, MOL announced that it intends to exercise the right to squeeze-out minority shareholders' shares in accordance with legislation, which was approved by the National Bank of Slovakia in September, including its terms and conditions.

Based on today's decision of the Extraordinary General Assembly, the shares will be transferred to MOL and minority shareholders will be paid EUR 85 for each share. The price was determined on the basis of the criteria set out in the Securities Act, whereas MOL Nyrt. had to offer the highest price according to these criteria. The amount to be paid to the shareholders by the majority shareholder has already been deposited at a bank. Minority shareholders will be paid for Slovnaft shares via bank transfer or postal orders.

MOL entered Slovnaft in 2000 at first as a strategic partner and in the following years increased its share to more than 98%.

2019-10-10 Turnaround in petrochemical part of Slovnaft refinery

  • the second part of the planned turnarounds will start at the Slovnaft refinery in October
  • the company will shut down the petrochemical part of the refinery for about eight weeks
  • part of investments in the amount of more than EUR 37 million is also a project of reduction of nitrogen oxides' emissions

BRATISLAVA, 9 October 2019 – Slovnaft continues to maintain and modernize its production facilities in the autumn. The company will gradually shut down the petrochemical part of the refinery as part of its turnarounds from Thursday, with its re-launch scheduled for early December. The aim of the works during the turnarounds and technological breakdowns is also emission reduction.

The technical condition inspection and maintenance of facilities as well as their modernization will be taking place during turnarounds. Slovnaft's total investment in the second part of this year's turnarounds will reach EUR 37.6 million. Part of the work is to reduce nitrogen oxides' emissions by half in one of the production units so that the refinery meets the requirements of European legislation. The expenses to reduce these emissions will reach EUR 5 million.

The works during turnarounds may be accompanied by combustion on gas-burners, increased noise levels and odour formation. Slovnaft's goal is to reduce the negative impact of the activities that reduce the comfort of residents around the refinery to the bare minimum. Slovnaft will continuously inform about the impact of the work on the comfort of inhabitants on the website Information for the public will be updated weekly, in case of questions, a 24-hour information line is available at 02/4055 8929 and e-mail address

In the first half of the year, turnarounds were carried out in the refinery part of Slovnaft, namely in 21 production units. Almost 2,000 external workers participated in the historically biggest shutdowns of the refinery, in addition to SLOVNAFT Group employees. A number of new projects have been undertaken during the overhauls, and they are expected to contribute to a more efficient, reliable and safe refinery operation. Total investment within the first part of the turnarounds amounted to EUR 75 million.

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