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2020-06-29 Turnarounds, maintenance and modernization of some production units during July at the Slovnaft refinery

  • Slovnaft refinery will start shutting down some production units at the end of June in order to carry out turnarounds, maintenance and modernization during July
  • the work will take about four weeks, the production units will start up gradually
  • the total investment is 7 million euros

BRATISLAVA, June 26, 2020 - At the end of June, the Slovnaft refinery will start shutting down some production units so that it can carry out turnarounds, maintenance and modernization during July. After finishing the work, the units will be gradually started to normal operation. The supply of customers during turnarounds and technological breaks will not be affected.

The turnarounds will affect two production units and the technological breaks will take place on three production units. During July, these facilities will be inspected for technical condition, maintained as well as modernized. In addition, the necessary repairs will be carried out on one production unit. The employees of the SLOVNAFT Group, as well as external employees, will be involved in the work, a total of approximately 700 people. Slovnaft's total investment in the planned activities is EUR 7 million.

Activities during general turnaround will be accompanied by combustion on field burners, increased noise levels and the formation of odors. Slovnaft's goal is to reduce the negative effects of activities that reduce the comfort of residents living in the vicinity of the refinery to the minimum. Slovnaft will continuously inform about the impact of work on the comfort of the inhabitants on the website:

In case of questions, a 24/7 infoline is ready for the public: 02/4055 8929.

2020-04-29 Polymers from Slovnaft are also used in production of health protective equipment

  • In the production of protective equipment for healthcare, to limit the spread of COVID-19, polymers from Slovnaft are also used
  • these are used in the manufacture of face masks, protective clothing or syringes
  • petrochemical products are supplied by the company to the domestic market and abroad

Bratislava, April 29th, 2020 - In response to the proliferation of coronavirus, the demand for health protection has increased significantly this year. In their manufacture, polymers from Slovnaft are also used. Polypropylene and polyethylene from Bratislava refinery are suitable for the production of protective equipment against the spread of the disease COVID-19.

Slovnaft manufactures both types of polymers in the form of granules – small plastic balls. From these a wide range of products is produced, from packaging materials, toys, household and garden items to protective equipment. On the basis of customer requirements, experts in the company can advise which type of polymer is suitable for the desired product.

For example, in the production of protective equipment for healthcare and products intended for medical and pharmaceutical applications, the high chemical and mechanical purity of polymers is important as well as their consistent quality. Polymers must be free from unnecessary chemical additives, odorless and shall not contain any mechanical impurities. Their quality must comply with the legislation applicable to healthcare, for example the European Pharmacopoeia.

Polypropylene from Slovnaft is used by customers for the manufacture of non-woven textiles, from which medical protective equipment is subsequently produced: protective face masks, disposable protective clothing or components of respirators. Polyethylene and polypropylene have widespread use as packaging materials for pharmaceutical products.

The combination of polyethylene and polypropylene purchachers produce syringes and laboratory accessories for tests.

For the domestic market, Slovnaft adds roughly sixth of its production, the rest is exported abroad. The refinery covers demand in a radius of 1000 kilometres from Bratislava. The granules are to be exported packaged in bags or in cisterns. The largest customers are Germany, Poland and Hungary, the company exports to the Czech Republic, Italy, Romania, Ukraine, and the Balkan peninsula.

Products from polymers produced by Slovnaft and used in healthcare

Polypropylene - TATREN Non-woven textile products: face masks, disposable medical suits, respirators ' components
Other products: pill packaging, laboratory bowls, measuring cups, vials
Polyethylene – BRALEN+ Packaging: foils, bags of different sizes, flaskets, tubes, lids, caps


2020-04-17 Slovnaft is preventively testing its employees for coronavirus

  • Slovnaft began to preventively test its employees in the production zone for coronavirus
  • More than 1000 people have been tested by PCR tests and all results were negative
  • Testing is carried out at regular intervals and will be extended by serological tests

Bratislava, April 15, 2020 - Slovnaft refinery company started testing its employees before Easter for the disease COVID-19 caused by the new coronavirus. This is another measure to protect employees' health and ensure the operation of production. More than 1000 people have been tested so far, all tests were negative. In addition to PCR tests, serological blood tests will be added.

Slovnaft introduced strict measures to ensure high protection of employees from the very beginning of the epidemic. The use of effective respiratory and eye protection, increased hygiene, disinfection of hands and operating areas, measuring body temperature and reducing the number of employees to the minimum necessary have been among the standards in this refinery for several weeks. Conducting tests for the presence of coronavirus is another layer of our comprehensive employee protection system.

“Working in a refinery cannot be done from home, so testing employees who have been regularly coming to Slovnaft since the beginning of the pandemic is our natural responsibility. At the same time, as a strategic enterprise, we also have a responsibility towards the state and communities to deliver the necessary products in an emergency,” said Slovnaft CEO Gabriel Szabó.

During the testing, Slovnaft focuses on employees in the production zone, therefore those who are key to maintaining the business. Not only their own employees are being tested, but also long-term external suppliers, with whom employees come in regular contact. The aim of this measure is to prevent the spread of the virus by identifying those who do not have symptoms but who may endanger others.

Testing for Slovnaft is provided by a private laboratory. Testing is performed in the form of a PCR test carried out by nasal and throat sprays. More than 1000 people have been tested so far, all results were negative. In case of a positive finding, the refinery has prepared special procedures for immediate intervention to prevent the spread of the disease within the company and to maintain business continuity.

Slovnaft will repeatedly test employees every 8 - 10 days. Later, blood, serological tests will be added to the PCR tests, which will be done once a month. By combining these tests, the company can effectively manage different levels of employee health protection in relation to the current level of coronavirus infection risk.

The MOL refinery in Hungary, which, like Slovnaft, is part of the MOL Group, has also began with testing their employees this month.

2020-04-07 Slovnaft Donates 1000 liters of Disinfectant Against the Spread of Coronavirus Every Day

  • Slovnaft donates 1,000 liters of disinfectant every day to prevent the spread of coronavirus
  • healthcare facilities, social service facilities, non-profit organizations or self-governments at can apply for disinfection

Bratislava, April 7, 2020 – An increased hygiene and frequent disinfection of premises are one of the basic preventive measures to combat the spread of coronavirus. As there is a shortage of these products on the market, the production of own disinfection started in March by the SLOVNAFT Group in the subsidiary VURUP. Its current production capacity makes it possible to provide part of the disinfection even where it is most needed.

Slovnaft donates 1,000 liters of Slovnaft Hygi Fluid disinfectant to sites that need to be protected from the risk of disease every day. Healthcare facilities, social service facilities, non-profit organizations or self-governments can all apply for disinfection for the purpose of disinfecting public areas through The disinfection is then divided according to the requirements and agreed to take over.

“The donation of disinfection that we started to produce in Slovnaft complements our previous activities by which we help to manage the current crisis in Slovakia. Immediately after the outbreak of the pandemia, we bought lung ventilators for hospitals, introduced free-of-charge coffee for healthcare professionals at gas stations, and now we want to protect all those at risk with our products. Disinfectants are among the most wanted in demand, as evidenced by the huge demand across the region. Therefore, we want to ensure that disinfection reaches key public areas and we donate it every day to healthcare facilities, retirement homes or institutions or organizations that provide public space,” said CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of SLOVNAFT, a.s., Oszkár Világi.

Slovnaft Hygi Fluid is a universal disinfectant for both surfaces and skin. The product is registered for normal use by the competent authorities.

Slovnaft is currently using disinfection for cleaning its own premises as well as at service stations. Disinfection was secured also for the Bratislava City Hall, which subsequently divided it into city facilities for seniors, organizations working with homeless people, city districts and cleaning of public transport vehicles. Slovnaft also provided disinfection to healthcare professionals, such as the National Cancer Institute, the Center for Interventional Neuroradiology and Endovascular Treatment and to the Emergency Line 155 (Operational Centre of the Emergency Medical Service of the Slovak Republic).

During April, the disinfection Slovnaft Hygi Fluid will gradually reach its wider sale within the network of Slovnaft service stations.


The disinfection is also produced by the parent company of Slovnaft, the MOL company, as well as INA in Croatia. All three companies belonging to the MOL Group aim to support the fight against the spread of coronavirus, protection of employees and maintaining supply reliability.

2020-03-26 The SLOVNAFT Group Produces its Own Disinfection to Protect against the Spread of Coronavirus

  • VÚRUP, a member of SLOVNAFT Group, started production of disinfection in March to protect against coronavirus spread
  • disinfection called SLOVNAFT HYGI Fluid is used within the SLOVNAFT Group companies and at Slovnaft service stations
  • Parent company MOL in Hungary and INA in Croatia also started to produce their own disinfection

Bratislava, March 25, 2020 - In March, VURUP, a member of SLOVNAFT Group, started producing its own disinfectant to protect against the spread of coronavirus. The product called SLOVNAFT HYGI Fluid is used for surface disinfection at service stations and companies belonging to the SLOVNAFT Group, and also for skin disinfection. It is made on the basis of ethanol and isopropanol and has already been registered by the competent authorities.

VURUP operates testing laboratories, engaged in geological research, R&D as well as the production of various special products. Shortly after the first cases of new coronavirus disease occurred, the company tested the production of its own disinfection and subsequently asked the authorities to register the product. At present, possible disinfection production is 8,000 liters, depending on the availability of feedstocks. VURUP packs it in one-, four- and ten-liter packages and is currently looking for distribution options to service stations and other locations.

“Slovnaft is a strategic company in Slovakia, for Slovakia and its inhabitants we provide a continuous supply of oil products. No less important to us is the protection of employees, therefore we use our own disinfection to prevent the spread of coronavirus. By using our product, we have also reduced commercial disinfection orders, which are now available for hospitals, pharmacies or other businesses, ” said Slovnaft CEO Gabriel Szabó.

The parent company Slovnaft, MOL, as well as INA in Croatia, started production of their own disinfection. All three companies belonging to the MOL Group aim to support the fight against the spread of coronavirus, protection of employees and maintaining reliability of supplies. The total production capacity in all markets is 100,000 liters of disinfection per day

2020-03-26 Measures Against Coronavirus Spread in Slovnaft Company

UPDATED on March, 20th, 2020

Slovnaft is one of the strategic companies in Slovakia and has an important function in the production and supply of fuels. Therefore, the company has put in place extraordinary security measures to protect its employees, co-workers and customers from the spread of the new coronavirus so that it can continue to supply its residents with oil products.

Selection of the most important measures taken follow:

Slovnaft Refinery:

  • Production continues with the minimum number of employees required so that all technologies are operated safely, in accordance with applicable legislation. The refinery continues to work with employees mainly in production, maintenance, logistics, energy and laboratories.
  • Preventive temperature measurement at the entrance to the production zone has been introduced.
  • Employees who do not necessarily have to be in the refinery do work from home. They dispose of laptops and other digital tools.
  • Protective face masks and other protective equipment are gradually distributed to employees.
  • Hygiene standards have been raised and common areas are disinfected regularly.
  • Meetings within the company and with external partners have been limited.
  • Canteens and food dispensers are closed. Food for employees is provided in the form of distribution or through vending machines.

Service stations Slovnaft:

  • Protective face masks, gloves and disinfectants are gradually distributed to workers at service stations and protective plexiglass are installed at the cash registers to separate the space between the customer and the service station.
  • New hygiene rules have been introduced and operators regularly disinfect common areas and frequently used busy areas (including the surroundings of self-service coffee machines).
  • Fresh Corner refreshments have been modified at some service stations.
  • Some Fresh Corner restaurants give out packaged warm food through a window or door, others are closed until further notice.
  • All kids' corners at service stations are closed.
  • Customers are advised to use protective equipment (protective mask, scarf) and protective gloves when entering the service station.
  • We encourage customers to use non-cash payments in particular, and ask them to enter a store individually, maximum up to two persons at once.
  • Opening hours at some service stations for daily sales have been adjusted.

Information about the operation of service stations are continuously updated on this website:

If the Slovak Government or the authorities take further preventive measures against the spread of the disease, Slovnaft will also react to them, operatively.

2019-12-23 Delisting of Slovnaft shares from the Bratislava Stock Exchange

  • Slovnaft shares will be no longer traded at the Bratislava Stock Exchange
  • Slovnaft becomes private joint stock company

Bratislava, 23 December 2019 – MOL Plc., as a sole shareholder of the SLOVNAFT, a.s., has completed the squeeze-out process, therefore trading of Slovnaft shares on the regulated securities market on the Bratislava Stock Exchange will be terminated.

Based on the decision of the sole shareholder, SLOVNAFT, a.s, has asked the Bratislava Stock Exchange to terminate the stock trading of all the emissions of company’s shares listed under all the corresponding ISIN identifiers that were adopted for trade on this regulated market.

Following this decision, after the end of the so-called delisting process, planned to be completed on the last trading day on 23 December 2019, Slovnaft will become a private joint stock company.


MOL Nyrt. October Huszonharmadika u. 18, H-1117 Budapest, Hungary, registration number: 01-10-041683 will by the means of the authorised entity pay the payment of remuneration for the minority shareholders´ shares of SLOVNAFT, a.s., Vlčie hrdlo 1, Bratislava 824 12, Slovak Republic, Company registration number: 31 322 832, registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Bratislava I, section: Sa, file no. 426 / B (hereinafter also referred to as SLOVNAFT, a.s.), which were transferred onto MOL Nyrt. in line with the provisions of §118i of Act No. 566/2001 Z.z. on Securities and Investment Services, as amended  between 19 and 21 December 2019.

Payment of remuneration within the statutory period follows the transfer of shares from minority shareholders to MOL Nyrt., which took place on 18 December 2019.

The payment on behalf of MOL Nyrt. will be realized by OTP Banka Slovensko, a.s. (Štúrova 5, Bratislava 813 54, IČO: 31 318 916). The remuneration is € 85 per share.

The method of payment depends on whether the shareholder has applied for payment to the account or will wait for the postal order delivery, the payment due date starts on 23 December 2019.

2019-12-19 Slovnaft´s petrochemical production is back in operation after turnarounds

the petrochemical part of the Slovnaft refinery operates again after the autumn turnarounds

  • almost EUR 38 million were invested in maintenance and modernization at three production units
  • a project of NOx emissions reduction was also included

BRATISLAVA, December 19, 2019 - The petrochemical part of Slovnaft refinery is in standard operation again after the autumn turnarounds. Investment in the maintenance and modernization of three production units reached almost EUR 38 million. NOx emissions reduction project was also a part of the work.

Turnarounds – an extensive maintenance and modernization of facilities –  are carried out regularly in Slovnaft. These works cannot be performed during standard operation of the production units. Altogether they contribute to a more efficient, reliable and safe refinery operation.

In 2019 the Slovnaft refinery carried out the largest turnarounds in history. They were divided into two phases. In the first half-year, 21 refinery production units were shut down followed by three petrochemical production units in the autumn. Approximately EUR 113 million were invested in 2019 turnarounds in total.

2019-11-29 Slovnaft is the Most Trusted Brand 2019 in the Gas Station category in Slovakia

Slovnaft is the most trusted brand in the petrol station segment. The company has won this award for the third time in a row in a national survey, where consumers evaluate which brands they trust the most.

In the 4th year of one of the largest surveys focused on consumer´s trust, a representative sample of 2,000 Slovak respondents selected the strongest brands in each category. The category of petrol stations was included in the ranking for the third time and Slovnaft won again. Ján Predanocy, Manager of Retail Sales and Operation of Slovnaft Service Stations, received the prestigious award at the gala evening.

Slovnaft operates the largest network of 253 petrol stations on the Slovak market and the company is constantly working on the its development. The modern Fresh Corner concept is already a part of 213 petrol stations. In this largest café network in Slovakia, Slovnaft sells more than eight million cups of coffee per year.

Since 2015, Slovnaft has invested EUR 90 million in the modernization of its petrol station network, more than half of the money was spent on Fresh Corner. Thanks to that, Slovnaft is not only the largest network of petrol stations in Slovakia, but also a number one in the field of refreshments on the road. The company also thinks about sustainability – they do not use straws at their stations and has eco-friendly LED bulbs in stations´ exteriors.

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