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  • Slovnaft has installed at its service station on Prístavná street in Bratislava the first electric charging station under the NEXT-E project in Slovakia
  • by the end of 2018 four more electric vehicle chargers will be added at Slovnaft filling stations
  • under the NEXT-E project will to build up 18 electric vehicle charging stations and 7 ultrafast electric vehicle charging stations, many of them at Slovnaft filling stations in Slovakia

BRATISLAVA, 4 September 2018 – The customers of the state-of-the-art service station in the Slovnaft network on Prístavná street in Bratislava can use a new service. Slovnaft has installed here the first electric vehicle charger under the NEXT-E project in Slovakia. Four more electric vehicle stations are to be added in Slovakia´s biggest network of filling stations by the end  of the year. The NEXT-E project supported by the European Union foresees the development of a charging station network for electric vehicles across six Central and Eastern European countries.

The customers can charge their electric vehicles at Slovnaft charging station on Prístavná street using AC connector Type 2  as well as CHAdeMO and CCS DC connectors. Motorists can charge here two cars at the same time, combining electric current with a power of 50 kW and alternating current with a power 22 kW. The charging comfort is provided by the reserved parking spaces marked out by a specific green colour featuring a charging station icon. The estimated charging time per electric vehicle is approximately 30 minutes to charge the battery to 80 %. The service is currently free.

”Our objective under the Strategy 2030 is to provide people on roads with the best and most in-demand  services which currently already include the e-mobility support as well. We intend to transform also this way our retail activities in order to become customers´ first choice,” said SLOVNAFT, a.s., Retail Director Timea Reicher.

The European Commission has selected the NEXT-E project for co-funding via the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) under which 222 fast charging stations and 30 ultrafast charging stations are to be installed in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania and Slovakia. The NEXT-E consortium has been awarded an 18.84 million € grant to develop e-mobility and car owners will be allowed to travel across selected countries by the electric vehicles thanks to this integrated charging station network. The consortium members include the E.ON Group companies (Západoslovenská energetika in Slovakia, the Czech E.ON Czech Republic, the Hungarian E.ON Hungary, the Romanian E.ON Romania), the MOL Group companies (represented by the branches in all the six countries involved), Hrvatska elektroprivreda in Croatia, PETROL (in Slovenia and Croatia), as well as Nissan and BMW.

The NEXT-E project is currently Europe´s one of the largest e-mobility development project and has been awarded one of the highest grants in this area. Totally 18 fast electric and 7 ultrafast electric vehicle charging stations will be build up under the NEXT-E project in Slovakia. The instalment of all the electric charging stations in the six countries will be undertaken by the end of 2020.