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Become better acquainted with our Company's structure, operations and corporate governance processes! We introduce here also our partners and subsidiaries. The Company history is reviewed here as well.

SLOVNAFT, a.s., based in Bratislava is refinery with annual processing capacity of 5,5 – 6 mil ton. The company core business is production, warehousing, wholesale and retail sales and distribution. SLOVNAFT, a.s., dispose with the largest retail network in SK offering top quality motor fuels and lubricants as well as related customer services including shop, gastro service, car wash and some others.

Partners and Subsidiaries
Since year 2000 strategic partnership of Slovnaft with MOL has been created. The partner of Slovnaft in refinery business is MOL Plc., while key partner in petrochemical business is TVK Plc. These 3 companies and its subsidiaries creates the MOL Group - respected international corporation, the biggest player in the crude oil&gas business within Central Europe. Subsidiaries of Slovnaft has been established to carry out R&D activities (VÚRUP, a.s.), export sales on the key markets abroad (MOL Retail Česká republika, s.r.o. and SLOVNAFT Polska), as well as to provide some other service processes.

Operations and Activities
Strong results and steady performance of the company are bound to successful restructuring , essential modernization and strategic integration into leading centraleuropean integrated petroleum corporation – MOL Group. You can visit here basic Slovnaft orgchart.

Managing the Corporation
Corporate Governance in a major enterprise must be based on solid values, sure vision and rigorous quality request. We present here the most critical principles of our operations. Quality is the basic rule and key parameter of all processes and activities of our company.

Our History
The history of Slovnaft is a part of history of crude oil processing in Bratislava and in Slovakia at all.