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Corporate Governance in a major enterprise must be based on solid values, sure vision and a rigorous demand for quality. Here, we present our most important operating principles. Quality is the basic rule and key parameter of all our company’s processes and activities.

Vision, Purpose and Core Values
Our ambition is to become - as an integrated oil company - the most respected, at least 10-billion-dollar market capitalization multinational company from Central Europe with operations linking several seas.

Governance System
Our organisational structure and regulatory system elements form the basis of and regulate everyday operations in the company.

Quality Management
Quality Management encompasses several coordinated activities which direct and control quality improvements in an organisation. Our certified management systems related to quality, environment and safety issues guarantee that our processes are carried out as defined in the standards.

MOL Group Code of Ethics
Our Code of Ethics governs MOL Group environmental responsibilities, irreproachable business conduct, protection of business interests and assets, as well as internal corporate standards.