Partners and Subsidiaries

Since 2000, a strategic partnership between Slovnaft and MOL has been in force. Slovnaft’s refining partner is MOL whereas its key petrochemicals partner is TVK. These 3 companies and their subsidiaries together constitute MOL Group, a respected international corporation and the biggest player in the crude oil & gas business across Central Europe. Slovnaft subsidiaries have been established to conduct R & D activities (VÚRUP, a.s.), export sales in key markets abroad (SLOVNAFT Polska), as well as to provide other services.


MOL Plc. is the Hungarian national refinery and retail operator. The company’s core business is production, warehousing, distribution, wholesale and retail sales. MOL is the dominant 98.5% owner of SLOVNAFT, a.s.. MOL and its subsidiaries and partners constitute MOL Group, operating in 8 countries across Central Europe. The Group’s five-year objective, reaching out to 2020, is to maximise growth opportunities and deliver superior returns to shareholders. To learn more about MOL Plc. visit

MOL Petrochemicals

MOL Petrochemicals (formerly TVK), a well-known producer of polyolefins, is based in Tiszaujváros, Hungary. Together with Slovnaft petrochemicals units in Bratislava, MOL Petrochemicals forms the petrochemicals business in MOL’s Downstream Division which leads Central Europe’s petrochemicals sector and is one of the ten largest polymer producers in Europe. For more about MOL Petrochemicals visit:

Slovnaft Subsidiaries

While mother company Slovnaft concentrates on its core business, certain operations, commercial activities and services are carried out by its subsidiaries. Here is a list of them.

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