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Talent from New Europe

For a long time, the Central European Foundation and SLOVNAFT, a.s., have supported exceptional youngsters whose development might be otherwise restricted due to lack of funds. Every year, talented children and young people get the unique opportunity to obtain grants through the Talents of New Europe (TNE) programme and thus finance their further development.
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Štefan Svitko
Štefan Svitko is a three-time European motor-cycle champion and multiple champion of Slovakian enduro and cross country events - the leading motorcyclist in the Slovnaft team.
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Slovnaft Playoffs
Slovnaft continues its strong support of Slovakian hockey and is a major sponsor of the Extraleague and general partner of the Final Playoffs which, in the new season, will be named the Slovnaft Playoffs.
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Green Belts
Do you have any good ideas as to how to improve the environment in your village, town or city? Can you carry it out through voluntary work by joining forces with your friends, neighbours and acquaintances? Get a grant from us for its implementation.
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The Slovnaft Cup
Since the 2011/2012 season, Slovnaft has been the general sponsor of the top Slovakian Cup football competition, the SLOVNAFT CUP.
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Pro Libris
Since 2013, the Slovakian Ministry of Culture, SLOVNAFT, a.s., and the Central European Foundation have jointly supported the publishing of works by young artists and the publishing of translations of contemporary European literature.
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Every Drop of Oil Counts
Turn waste into useful material!
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Responsible Neighbour