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Motor fuels
At filling stations SLOVNAFT, a.s. offers motor fuels EVO 95 PETROL, EVO DIESEL and premium motor fuels EVO 100 PETROL PLUS and EVO DIESEL and also gas fuel LPG ECO+Autogas.

ECO+ Autogas: branded LPG, the use of which brings a number of benefits
ECO+ Autogas is a branded product which complies with the strictest criteria and standards and thus it protects your car.

Safety data sheets
The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is a summary of the identification data for fuels sold at the service stations of SLOVNAFT, a.s. and a summary of the data needed to protect the life and health of humans and the environment.

ADBLUE at Slovnaft Service Stations
From 1 February 2017 you can refuel AdBlue® directly from special dispensers at select service stations of Slovnaft.

Refuelling of windscreen cleaning liquid
Slovnaft, as the first in Slovakia, has introduced liquid fuel dispenser stands at selected service stations