Car Wash

At selected service stations of the SLOVNAFT network, you have the opportunity to wash your car using automatic or manual washing units.

In particular, we would like to draw your attention to the possibility of car washes using automatic washing units with the brand Christ, which currently belongs to qualify of absolute excellence.

The German company Otto Christ AG has been producing car washing units for 39 years and is one of the leading companies in the field. Christ's products are known all over the world. The German Development Center has several registered patents in this field. One of these is the joint brush, which has become a typical feature of Christ's car washing units. Modern car shapes put new demands on side brushes. One of the basic elements that greatly affect the quality of washing vehicles on Christ car wash units are its hinged brushes.

For the first time, the joint brush was introduced in 1996. Already then the lay public appreciated its advantages. Hinged Christ springs flexibly adapt to all the contours of the vehicle whilst moving back and forth. The special joint in the lower third of the brushes together with the swiveling system ensures perfect alignment with the contours of the vehicle. The optimum brush stroke is monitored electronically and corrected electronically. This ensures optimal gentle washing of the vehicle. The bottom and top of the car's side are washed twice, and only once in other washing units that are not equipped with hinged brushes.

The quality of the car wash is significantly better than other washing lines that are not equipped with this technology.

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