Premium quality. Slovnaft service stations are automatically associated with motor fuels. Now, however, the energy hidden in domestic milk of such excellent quality is also available. You can recognise it by its instantly recognisable sign of the Danube water lily and the Kukkonia inscription. Gradually, with this name, other quality food will be added to petrol stations.

Kukkonia is one of the original signs of the island of Žitný ostrov - the largest river island of Europe. This slightly wavy, sunny overgrown fertile agricultural area has long since offered a wealth of scents and flavors. Therefore, the traditional name of the region was taken as the brand name of this new Kukkonia project, developing the area bounded by rivers of the Little Danube and the Danube.

Žitný ostrov is closely linked with domestic milk, from which cheese, butter, curd and kefir are produced. The white treasure of Kukkonia has remained milk to this day. It comes from its own farms and local suppliers of the Zitny ostrov region. This premium quality milk retains its fresh flavor and aroma thanks to its PET bottle. Filled by the unique technology of the local company EUROMILK, a.s., Veľký Meder with long-standing tradition. The region where excellent wine comes from is therefore also a region of exceptionally good milk.

Buy Milk Kukkonia at selected Slovnaft service stations, and shortly further domestic premium foods with the picture of the Danube riverbed and Kukkonia will be made available.


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