Sulphur, produced in MOL Group’s refineries, is a pale yellow liquid. It is transported and handled at an elevated temperature, typically 143°C, to prevent solidification and to make transfer easier. Sulphur reacts violently with strong oxidizing agents creating fire and explosion hazards. Elemental sulphur is not toxic, but many simple sulphur derivates are, such as sulphur dioxide (SO2) and hydrogen sulphide (H2S).


Elemental sulphur is mainly used as a precursor to other chemicals, chiefly in sulphuric acid production. Because sulphur is essential for protein synthesis and the formation of chlorophyll, it is also used in fertilizer production. It is also widely used as a natural rubber vulcanizer, in black gunpowder, matches, insecticides, fungicides and drying agents.

All handlers of sulphur must fully understand and observe the “Material Safety Health Data (MSDS)” to prevent leakage.

Product quality requirements

Sulphur is produced by MOL’s refineries at Százhalombatta and Tiszaújváros, Hungary, Slovnaft refinery at Bratislava, Slovakia and INA Refineries at Rijeka and Sisak, Croatia).



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