Toluene is a clear, colourless, water-insoluble and highly volatile liquid with a characteristic sweet and pungent odour. It is an irritant to the eyes, skin, nose and lungs. Toluene is a dangerous fire hazard and can lead to flashback due to its heavy vapour. It is an aromatic hydrocarbon that is widely used as an industrial feedstock and as a solvent.


Toluene is a leading petrochemical building block and is also widely used as an industrial feedstock and as well as a solvent and an octane improver in petrol. Toluene is a common solvent able to dissolve paints, paint thinners, silicone sealants, glues and many others organic compounds. It is used in the manufacture of toluene diisocyanate which is used as a raw material for polyurethane foam production.

Some toluene industrial applications lead to the production of trinitrotoluene, benzoic acid, caprolactam and antioxidant BHT. All handlers of toluene must fully understand and observe the “Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)” to prevent leakage since it is highly flammable, poisonous and psychotropic.

Product quality requirements

Toluene is produced by MOL Group in its Danube Refinery at Százhalombatta, Hungary and the Slovnaft Refinery in Bratislava, Slovakia.



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