Heavy fuel oil is used in metallurgy, construction and in the chemical, power and gas industries. Its use is determined by the type and design of any given stationary equipment and the user’s technological capabilities. Since the beginning of 2004, we have only offered heavy fuel oil with a sulphur content of below 1% by weight.

Heavy fuel oil production’s basic raw material is heavy residue from vacuum crude oil distillation and/or the secondary treatment of oil residues. It may also include lighter fractions such as medium and vacuum distillates from petroleum refining and petrochemicals products, to adjust the final product’s flow capabilities.

Ingredients of different types are added to reduce the freezing point and improve performance but which must not adversely affect combustion.

Decree No. 53/2004 from the Slovakian Republic Ministry for the Environment lays down the maximum sulphur content permitted for heavy fuel oil as well as the dates from which values must be ensured. According to this decree, heavy fuel oil must not contain more than 1% sulphur by weight.

An exception is allowed for a maximum sulphur content of 3% by weight if:

  • its combustion takes place in facilities equipped with flue gas desulfurisation and which meet emission limits specified by ME SR Decree No. 706/2002 Coll. as amended by ME SR Decree No. 410/2003 Coll.
  • its combustion takes place in refinery plants where monthly average sulphur dioxide emissions do not exceed the limit value of 1,700 mg .m-3 under standard conditions in dry flue gas with an oxygen content of 3% by volume.

Packaging, transportation and storage

Heavy fuel oil is delivered in rail tankers equipped with heating coils, in road tankers and in tanker barges. It is stored in closed containers. With regard to the freezing point, the customer must have appropriate heating equipment such as heating coils in tanks or heating chambers for barrels, etc., for handling and use.

Heating oil should not be mixed with oil of tar origin to prevent its degradation. The full regulations for packaging, transport and storage are specified in STN 65 7991 as well as in follow-up standards and regulations.

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