Aviation Fuel

Fuel for engine- or turbine-propelled aircraft designed for subsonic or supersonic speeds. Aviation fuel technical quality requirements are extremely high so as to meet stringent safety and aviation regulations in force.

Slovnaft manufactures and supplies aviation fuel of JET-A1 and PL-7 qualities.

JET-A1 is characterized by its top quality and meets the following technical requirements:

  • The Aviation Fuel Quality Requirements for Jointly-Operated Systems (AFQRJOS) Joint Fuelling System Checklist, AFQRJOS, 20th March, 2005 issue.
  • The British Ministry of Defence Standard DEF STAN 91-91 Issue 5 of 8th February, 2005, for turbine fuel, aviation “Kerosene Type” JET-A1, NATO CODE F-35.
  • IATA Guidance Materials, Kerosene Type Fuel (IATA Control material; aviation fuel).
  • Military specifications for aviation turbine fuel in accordance with STANAG 3149.
  • ASTM D 1655 Technical conditions for aviation turbine fuel.

A complete set of technical requirements for quality limit parameter values and prescribed definition methodology can be found in the appendix in downloadable PDF format.

Special additives are added to aviation fuel to improve performance. The basic additive package contains antioxidant, antistatic and lubricity additives. According to customer requirements, it can also contain other additives approved by aerospace technology manufacturers and approved by authorities responsible for air traffic.

Business information

  • Standard:
    • PN 25-002-02 for the JET A-1 quality
    • PN 25-002-02 for the JET A-1 quality
  • Customs tariff number: 27101921


Used as fuel in aviation

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