LPG is economic, environmentally-friendly alternative motor fuel. It is composed primarily of propane and butane and burns quickly and cleanly. When burning, it produces low levels of harmful substances and thus significantly limits the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere.

Slovnaft LPG does not contaminate water or soil, contains no sulfur and is the ideal fuel for the conservation of an ecologically-clean environment. Unlike compressed natural gas (CNG), whose main component is methane, a greenhouse gas, LPG is among the cleanest fuels in the world. It is characterized by a minimum carbon and emission footprint and has minimal impact on the health of the population. It is an excellent alternative to conventional fuels. It also has a very beneficial effect on the reduction of road transport emissions.

Moreover, it contains no components that cause corrosion and therefore does not attack motor engine parts. During production, it passes through special cleaning processes that remove abrasive substances, water and mechanical impurities. It is very popular due to the significant savings which can be made in running costs.

The high quality of Slovnaft LPG ensures competitiveness in the Slovakian marketplace.

LPG’s composition and octane number exceed the stringent STN EN 589 standard on many counts.

LPG’s most important ingredients

It is unique for its purity which ranks it high among quality fuels and meets Slovakian and European LPG standards. Its octane number is between 92 to 94 MON, the highest value of available propane and butane mixtures.

LPG is delivered to you within 24 hours from receipt of order!

Business information

  • Standard: STN EN 589
  • Customs tariff number: 27111297 – summer mixture 27111397 – winter mixture


For our climate zone, LPG is produced in two types that differ in the ratio of propane and butane. Individual types are available according to the season.

Slovnaft offers not only high quality fuel but also practical tips to its customers.

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